Angled ProfileProfyle

Profyle is designed to facilitate the laying of impact noise insulation products by eliminating the need for overlay flaps of the insulation mat in a simple and quick way. The Profyle range consists of strips of polythene shaped at the angles, with adhesive on the two external sides, and it is available in various sizes. Profyle is 6mm in thickness and is available in two versions 5 x 15 x 150cm and 10 x 20 x 150cm.

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Flat ProfileProfyle - Flat

Acoustic Insulation strip available in rolls 6 mm thickness, made of polyethylene in a grey colour in 22-25 kg/m³ density.

It is flat with adhesive, pre-cut on the corner line in order to facilitate the strip bending. Base 50mm, height 150mm.

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Corner ProfyleProfyle - Corner

Pre-shaped adhesive polythene corners at 90° and 270°, grey colour with adhesive on the two external sides, to make laying of the impact noise insulation products near angles easy.

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Profyle for skirting boardsProfyle - Flat 1

Separation strip for skirting board, designed to acoustically insulate rooms from noise transmitted from the floor to the wall. It is made up of a small adhesive polythene strip to be applied under the skirting board - width 10mm, thickness 1mm and length 20m.

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Profyle Flat 5Profyle - Flat 5

Perimeter insulation strips in rolls. They are flat, with adhesive, ideal for the application of mats under (ceramic or wood) floors in the restoration phase to separate the floor from the wall.

Available in rolls made of polyethylene (density 22-25 kg/m³), white colour, 5mm x 50mm x 50m, with an adhesive band for easy application.

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Stik TapesStik Adhesive Tape

Stik adhesive tape is an indispensable accessory for securing the joints of Whisper Acoustics's acoustic insulation products, both for floor and wall applications. It is made out of synthetic anti-tear material, has excellent resistance and flexibility and is available in rolls 75mm wide x 100m.

Stik WP (waterproof) version is made out of waterproof anti-tear material and is available in rolls 75mm wide x 25m.

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Fixing Pins and PlugsFixings

Whisper Acoustics's fixing elements are made of plastic and are purpose designed for fixing panels that are part of the acoustic wall insulation product line.

The rawl plugs and screws are indispensable accessories for correctly fixing restoration panels on plasterboard walls.


Sylcer Laying KitSylcer Laying Kit

The use of a particular kit is advised for the correct laying of Sylcer products, containing:

  1. Profyle Flat
  2. Glue to bond the rubber to the screed: MAPEI Ultrabond Eco V4SP
  3. Glue to bond tiles: MAPEI Elastorapid
  4. Filler for tile interspace: MAPEI Ultracolor Plus



Glue designed to fix panels applied on walls, supplied in bags of 25kg each.