Cradle adjusters with Hush Insulation

The Level-It Floor Cradle System was developed in order that a level finish could be achieved on uneven floors or cambered sub-floors. The system is Document E Compliant and will help achieve impact noise and airborne noise sound requirements as laid down in document E of the building regulations.



Acoustic Cradle

Floor Cradle - Level It

Whisper Acoustics developed the Cradle System as a Levelling System for flooring within the Construction Industry.

Working in conjunction with Hush (UK) Ltd, they found the System had excellent Acoustic values when used with a Hush (UK) Ltd Acoustic Pad.

The System enables a 50 by 50 timber batten to be placed in the Cradle and the floor to be levelled easily in 1mm increments. The addition of the Hush (UK) Ltd Acoustic Pad enables the Cradle to meet the requirements of Document E Building Regulations.


Services beneath floor

Services can be run within the flooring system. An access cover is available for easy access to services.

Compliant, Quick, Efficient

  • Document E Compliant
  • No packers required - self adjusting
  • Can provide impact insulation with a mass greater than 300kg/M²
  • Provides a level finished floor on uneven sub-floor, eliminating costly remedial work.
  • Quick to install
  • Services can be put into cavity
  • Allows for application of a variety of floor surfaces i.e. chipboard, plywood, wood plank etc
  • Total floor depth of system can be a minimum of 50mm Batten up to 200mm
  • Dry construction means no drying out procedures / delays


Technical Information

of Base
Levelling bases are manufactured from injection moulded High Grade polymer, size 100mm circular
Types of Joist Softwood straight grained 45mm upwards, finished thickness x 45mm width, preferably length 1800mm. Moisture content should not exceed 14%. Preservative treatment can be specified but is not usually considered necessary.
Board Flooring For domestic use, 18mm C4 T&G chipboard with batten spacing of 450mm is recommended for Boarding such as 22mm chipboard, plywood or hardwood strips can also be used with appropriate batten centers recommended by the floor-board manufacturers. Closer batten spacing may be necessary for areas with higher loading i.e. commercial developments, such as office spaces.
For non- residential Use Please contact our technical line for batten spacing for higher loadings.




Insulation under floor

Insulation can be laid within the floor void.






Adjustable for height to level up floor

Easy adjusting. The cradle can be levelled to within 1mm per quarter turn.




Perimeter Detail

Battens fixed to wallsIt is good construction practice to use a perimeter batten to all walls.




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