Mineral Range

Acoustic and thermal insulation for walls and ceilingsmineral

The Mineral line is a range of products made of natural fibres of rock wool.

The panels, light and easy to be dry installed, thanks to their fibrous structure, are ideal for preventing heat flow and are, as a result, an excellent thermal insulation product. The Mineral panel provides high acoustic insulation, absorbing noise and reducing the sound waves spread.

Mineral is available in different thicknesses and densities and it is ideal for thermo-acoustic insulation of dry and brick walls or as fire protection for partition walls and ceilings. The Mineral panel is available as a pre-assembled product made of a mineral wool slab coupled with plasterboard and/or rubber SBR sheets. This particular combination of materials improves the thermal and acoustic properties of the product, its work life and the installation procedures, making it excellent for renovation of existing walls.

With this new Mineral line, Whisper Acoustics extends its range of insulation solutions for walls.


The Fybro range contributes to achieve the LEED® point rate system into the code area of MR 1-1.1 - 1.2-2-3- 4- 5.

Mineral sound insulation diagram


  • High acoustic and thermal insulation values
  • Fire resistant product
  • Easy installation

Application fields

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of partition walls for residential units
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of light walls
  • Thermal and acoustic renovation of existing walls
  • Fire resistance walls


SpecificationsVideoTechnical Datasheet - MineralTechnical Datasheet - Mineral 33bTechnical Datasheet - Mineral 40rbTechnical Datasheet - Mineral 48rmTechnical Datasheet - Mineral 50r

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