Roll Range

Sound Insulation for Floating Screeds

Roll range sound insulation from Whisper AcousticsThe Roll range products have been present in the construction sector for more than thirty years and used for the acoustic insulation of floors. This product line is among the most reliable and tested in the market and is representative of Whisper Acoustics's long-term experience in the research and development of innovative materials and production processes.

The use of a special recycled rubber called SBR gives the products great resistance capacity and elasticity, making them excellent for impact sound insulation for any type of floors. The Roll Radiant version is ideal for application under heated floors and it has a special grey coloured reflective backing.

The resistant and flexible mat adapts perfectly to the surface base and, thanks to its self-adhesive border seam, it is extremely easy and quick to lay with precision.

This line contributes to achieve the LEED® point rate system into the code area of MR 1.1 - 1.2-2-3- 4- 5.

Roll range installation layers diagram


  • Quick, simple and precise to lay
  • High acoustic insulation performance in reduced thickness
  • Resistant to construction site operations and screed laying
  • Resistant to humidity

Application fields

  • Underfloor heating
  • Floors with floating screeds
  • High thickness screed
  • Industrial plant bases

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Roll Acoustic Underlay fro Whisper Acoustics    Roll Acoustic Underlay from Whisper Acoustics     Roll Acoustic Underlay fro Whisper Acoustics