Roll of Rubbertech Soft

For under Concrete Screed

Whisper Soft and Soft Plus are uniquely designed Recycled Rubber products made up of a Polyurethane bound mixture of selected rubber fibres for use under cementicious screeds. The high compressive strengths and anti vibration qualities enable both products to meet the requirements of Document E of the Building Regulations for both Acoustics and Vibration requirements.

Whisper Soft and Soft Plus is a resilient elastic layer for use under Cementitious Screed. It has high Acoustic benefits for Impact and Airborne Noise. Whisper Soft is used extensively in New Build and Refurbishment Construction Projects where Pre-completion Testing is preferred to Robust Detail.

cutaway flooring illustrationPreparation

Prior to the Installation of the flooring material, install a peripheral strip over all structural component which extend upwards or laterally such as walls, pipes etc. This is required to avoid formation of sound conduction channels and must extend upwards beyond the floor surface.


  • Outstanding Impact & Airborne Sound deadening in Residential and Commercial Floors.
  • EASY Installation
  • Loose Lay System which does not slip during installation
  • Meets and exceeds tough Acoustic Building Requirements
  • Document E Compliant
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity and ideal for use with Under-floor Heating systems
  • Outstanding Compressive Strength and Load Bearing Performance
  • High Resilience it does not compress and therefore does not reduce Sound Absorption
  • Environmentally Friendly – Fully Recycled Rubber


Technical Datasheet   COSHH

pre-cast concrete plank Beam and Block Acoustic Testing