Stabe Range

Anti-vibration support for sound insulation of stairs

Anti-vibration supports for sound insulation on stairsThe Stabe line consists of an innovative range of supports specifically studied to obtain high insulation of stairs in buildings.

The product was designed to be used in prefabricated stairs and in those built on site.

The Stabe support comes in pre-shaped strips in “I”, “L” and “Z” forms, ready for laying.

The “LOW” range is ideal for low and medium loads and the “HIGH” range is ideal for high loads.

The Stabe products are made of a polythene structure with high-density SBR rubber inserts capable of combining excellent acoustic insulation value with an strong capacity to insulate vibrations in reduced thickness.


This range contributes to achieving the LEED® points rate system into the code area of MR 1.1-1.2-2-3-4-5.


Stair Support DiagramAdvantages

  • High acoustic insulation
  • Structural junction for stair supports
  • Extremely easy to lay

Application fields

  • Structural junction for pre-cast stair supports
  • Structural junction for stair supports built on site


Technical Datasheet - Stabe 10   Technical Datasheet - Stabe 20 Low   Technical Datasheet - Stabe 20 High