Stywall Range

stywall lineUnder Wall Strips

The Stywall line is designed to increase the sound-insulating power of walls and improve the sound impact insulation of floors, preventing the transmission of aerial noise and vibrations.

The Stywall line consists of various types of strips that are ideal for the under wall applications, guarantee high elasticity and quick laying, and allow for a perfect structural junction.

The products are made up of SBR rubber granules that have been pressed at high density and are available in either rolled up bundles or in flat strips and come in different heights and thickness, also in a self-adhesive version.




The Stywall range is part of our family of rubber products, created with eco-compatible technologies and production processes that allow for more than 92% of recycled and/or regenerated materials to be used.
This line contributes to achieve the LEED® point rate system into the code area of MR 1-1.1 - 1.2-2-3- 4- 5.

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  • Structural junction underwall
  • Extremely easy to be installed
  • High acoustic and vibration insulation
  • Eco-compatible

Application fields

  • Under brick wall partitions
  • Under the partition walls of houses
  • Under wood and plasterboard wall


Specifications   Technical Datasheet - Stywall   Technical Datasheet - Stywall S3   Technical Datasheet - Stywall S3a   Technical Datasheet - Stywall S4 - S6

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