Sylwood Range (CA2)

Sound insulation for under wood floorsCA3 & CA5 - Sylwood acoustic insulation for ceramic or stone floors

The Sylwood line is a range of innovative, high performance products specifically designed for acoustic renovation of existing buildings, during restoration, for all kinds of wood flooring.

Sylwood is a low thickness, regenerated high-density rubber mat with cork granules that dampens foot noise transmission according to local state requirements.

The product has been specifically conceived to meet any soundproofing requirements in restructuring and upgrading of existing flooring involving normal or ready to use wood floor finishes.

Sylwood can be easily applied directly under the wood flooring.

The Sylwood range is part of our family of rubber products, created with eco-compatible technologies and production processes that allow for more than 92% of recycled and/or regenerated materials to be used. This line contributes to achieve the LEED® point rate system into the code area of MR 1-1.1 - 1.2-2-3- 4- 5.


Sylwood sound insulation diagram


  • Minimal thickness for wooden floors
  • Suitable for application under existing floorings
  • Easy to install
  • Eco compatible

Application fields

  • Renovation with traditional and any type of wooden flooring
  • Acoustic recovering of existing floors to meet local regulations
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating

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Sylwood high perfomance acoustic insulation