Trywall Range

stywall lineThermal acoustic insulation for plasterboard walls

Trywall comprises an innovative range of products, developed to offer excellent solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation created specifically for all light wall plasterboard applications.

The Trywall panel  is made up of a plate in high-density SBR rubber coupled with two polyester fibre plates, resulting in an exceptionally high-performing and technologically advanced product.
The new Trywall line combines excellent acoustic performance with optimum thermal insulation values, offering a product that is extremely easy and practical to lay within light wall systems.



The Trywall range is part of our family of rubber products, created with eco-compatible technologies and production processes that allow for more than 92% of recycled and/or regenerated materials to be used. This line contributes to achieve the LEED® point rate system into the code area of MR 1-1.1 - 1.2-2-3- 4- 5.

diagram biwall



  • High Acoustic and thermal insulation values
  • Easy to install on plasterboard walls
  • Humidity resistant for long-term durability and stability
  • Excellent fire resistance


Application fields

  • Thermal-acoustic insulation of plasterboard walls
  • Thermal-acoustic insulation of wall linings and false ceilings



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